Thursday, June 01, 2017

Day one of a new challenge

June 1st. The beginning of a perfect 30 day month and a perfect 30 day month screams for a 30 day challenge, don't you think? So, this month I've decided to challenge myself in a couple of different ways.

The first challenge I'm giving myself is a purge challenge. Minimalism is certainly not my thing, but I do like to get rid of stuff and there always seems to be more. It has been several months since I did a purge. Since last year I believe. That is a long time for me. June is a HOT month around here and I will be spending much of my time inside. It feels stuffy and overcrowded around here. This is a perfect month to purge.

To make this interesting, I will be getting rid of the same number of items as the date number. For instance, day one, one item, day two, two items, and so on. If my math is correct, by the end of the month I will have removed 465 items from my life. That may seem like a lot, but I think I can do it.

In an effort to keep myself accountable, I will be posting pictures of each day's items on Instagram. I may not blog each day, but I will try to post a photo each day.

Day one purge item

The second challenge I am giving myself is a way to kick start a practice that I fell out of. This challenge is to pick up my gratitude journal and list three things I am thankful for each day. There is so much out there to be thankful for and I find I'm a much happier person when I do this.

What about you? Care to join me in either challenge? Let me know what you are doing for the month of June.

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