Friday, June 30, 2017

Day 30 of my personal 30 day purge challenge.

Today is the final day of my 30-day purge challenge! I managed to remove 465 unnecessary, unwanted, and unloved items from my home.

30 useless pens

At the beginning, it was easy. There were “surface” objects to remove. As the month progressed, I found myself digging deeper – junk drawers, storage boxes, and the like. One night I found myself walking around and around trying to find that one more thing.

Still, there were certain items that I kept putting off adding to the remove boxes. My “country primitive” clothing patterns from the 80s (no longer available), the three-tiered plate rack, and my collection of Artful Blogging magazines were a few of the more difficult items to donate and that is why those stayed until the end.

It was obvious those represented something deeper and I needed to explore that before letting go. As a rule, it is very easy for me to let go of things. Why these?

The patterns were from a period of time when I was a young wife, mother, and active in my church. I had friends who shared similar interests and we would often get together at women’s bible study and for events.

The tiered plates had a similar memory, though not as nice. I purchased that soon after we moved here 20 years ago. I had hopes of making friends and engaging in similar activities as before the move. Sadly, that did not happen. That object was something that did not hold good memories, which made it easier to let go.

The Artful Blogging magazines were a more recent obsession, collected purely as eye candy much like the old Victoria magazines I used to collect. Those I kept for far too many years and eventually I let go of those. Ultimately, I decided I would rather have the storage space for my art supplies so I could make my own eye candy.

Today was my final trip of the month to the donation center. Everything is gone and in its place is space. I feel much lighter. Of course there is always more I could get rid of, but that is for another time.

Did you join me is this month long challenge? Let me know with a comment below.

My reward

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