Friday, May 03, 2013


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The wind has started to blow the Palo Verde blooms off the trees, drawing to a close one of my favorite times of year. During the end of April, the air glows yellow and as we move into May, the soft purple of the Ironwood blossoms take over. I enjoy the cactus flowers and the wild flowers, but the trees guide the way through the seasons.

At the end our street, there is a row of trees lining the border of another neighborhood, older than ours. When we first moved here, the trees were young and bright green. The trees have grown, filled out, lost a limb here or there, and taken on the air mature trees. Some carry scars from bored schoolchildren waiting for the bus, or by overzealous landscapers who chop away without thought.

The Ironwood trees grow slowly. Very slowly. Recently, landscapers cut old Ironwood trees away from utility lines. What they actually did to the trees was butcher them. It is shameful what was done to these trees. The trees will grow back, but it will take years and they will never be the same.

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Annick Safken said...

Thanks for speaking for the trees. Unfortunately, when we have to choose between electric power and trees, electric power wins! It is not so much that we are choosing our comfort over beauty -I would not jump and blame anyone for that-but that we have been become completely indifferent when it happens.